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This site uses PHP as its server side language. My thanks to the PHP team. All the navigation is generated using an XML file that defines the structure of the site.

jQuery is used heavily. I'm a huge fan of React , but it seems like overkill for the scope of this site. My thanks to the jQuery team as well as the authors of the plugins I make use of. Specifically, this site uses jQuery Treeview for second-tier (side) navigation. Other plugins will be acknowledged on their resective pages' Geek Outs.

The primary engine of the site is contained in, which sets defaults for the infrastructure of the site. This includes setting basic convenience variables such as which page is being viewed, as well as more complex settings, such as which CSS and JavaScript modules to load. These settings can be overridden for an entire directory in special files called "directorySettings.php" or in the file itself where you can override both the default and directory settings. The page rendering uses a template model, with a base template class providing core functionality, while specific templates can override or ignore default functionality, styles, and behaviors.

My name is Andy Hill. I am a programmer in Bloomington, Indiana. Primarily a web developer. I got my Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from Indiana University at the age of 33. I currently work for the University in UITS's ESI Middleware Team. There is no relationship between Indiana University and this site.

This site is primarily a playground for me to play with web programming technologies, though there is value to the content as well (I especially find the News page practical). Many pages will have a "Geek Out" button at the top. Clicking on this will toggle technical information about the technologies used on the page.

I've been developing this site intermittently since 2003. Here are a few snapshots through the years (note, not everything works on these sites, but you should be to get around)

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